Hits Chart

Copied off of the newest album in my collection the singles + I've prepared for your reading pleasure the chart for the Mamas & the Papas billboard hits.

Chart Positions
California Dreamin'08.01.66----31/2 w23/9 w4/17 w----
Monday Monday09.04.662/16 w2/12 w2/22 w3/13 w1/12 w9/7 w4/12 w
I Saw Her Again02.07.668/8 w30/1 w21/7 w 11/11 w5/9 w5/3 w--
Jug Band Music*03.09.66--------127/3 w----
Look Through My Window22.10.66--------24/7 w----
Words of Love03.12.6634/2 w----47/3 w5/12 w----
Dancing In The Street17.12.66--------73/6 w----
Dedicated to the One I love25.02.6715/11 w13/5 w 26/10 w 2/17 w 2/10 w-- 9/8 w
Crequee Alley29.04.6734/3 w -- --9/11 w 5/9 w -- 12/8 w
Twelve Thirty26.08.6717/7 w -- -- -- 20/6 w -- --
Straight Shooter 02.09.67 -- -- -- -- 130/3 w -- --
Hey Girl28.10.67--------134/1 w----
Glad To Be Unhappy28.10.6725/5 w------26/7 w----
Dancing Bear09.12.67--------51/7 w----
Safe In My Garden08.06.68--------53/6 w14/2 w--
Dream A Little Dream of Me*06.07.68------11/12 w12/11 w14/3 w--
For The Love Of Ivy14.09.68--------81/5 w----
California Earthquake**02.11.68--------67/5 w----
Do You Wanna Dance23.11.68--------76/5 w----
Move In a Little Closer Baby**15.03.69--------58/6 w----
It's Getting Better**07.06.69------8/15 w30/19 w9/2 w--
Make Your Own Kind of Music**18.10.69--------36/9 w11/4 w--
New World Coming**31.01.70--------42/7 w----
Mississippi (John Phillips solo)11.07.7026/4 w30/1 w----32/12 w3/15 w--
A Song That Never Comes**01.08.70--------99/2 w----
Good Times Are Coming**24.10.70--------104/2 w----
Don't Let the Good Life Pass You By**19.12.70--------110/2 w----
Step Out12.02.72--------81/3 w----

* Mama Cass With The Mamas & The Papas
** Mama Cass Elliot

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