30 August
Sun in Virgo
You are dominated and motivated by your intellectual interests. You are loyal, affectionate, sentimental rather than romantic, and can develop a great interest in domestic matters. But the lodestar of your life is the mind, its products, achievements, and possibilities. Your high sense of discrimination, amounting to an intellectual snobbbery, protects you from getting involved with intellectual inferiors, for you have a very finicky taste in matters of people, dress, food and housefurnishings and can be extremely critical when your sense of good taste is offended. This sense of discrimiation keeps you pretty conventional for no matter how intellectual ideas may appeal to you on the radical and daring side, an innate dislike for offending society keeps you pretty much on the straight and narrow, and when human weakness gets the better of you and you simply have to step off the beaten track you do it with such infinie care and consideration for the feelings of society, that society probably doesn't even know about it. You are something of a moralist, but your moral sense is social rather than abstract. You are a great preserver of law and order, and when you do arrive at the conclusion that things ought to be changed, you want to see them changed gradually according to the rules of the game. You are no fire-and-sword revolutionary. Peace is important to you; no principle is worth fighting for, except in a polite and well-bred way. This position generally accompanies a good deal of breeding and family background, whence the reverence for tradition. Your creations are marked by care, precision and flawlessness, sound to the core, admirable in taste and execution.

4 June
Sun in Gemini
You are romantic, charming, alluring -- and impressionable. You are idealistic, always looking for perfection in your sweethearts and in the world, and blissfully certain that even though it may elude you, it's there and will be found eventually. You are more trusting than erring mankind deserves. You can be fooled by one person and, in the twinkling of an eye, trust someone else who may be even less trustworthy. You are attracted to out-of-the-way people -- waifs and strays, down-and-outers, and can get yourself into a lot of trouble by believing in crooks, frauds, sensationalists and adventurers. You love speed and will drive a car, run an aeroplane or speed a boat at breakneck pace. You are a gambler with safety as well as with finances and ideas and will stake your all on a scheme or a plan the success of which you are convinced. You have maked personal magnetism. Opportunities open up to you readily. You have a somewhat mystical, spiritual, or religious nature -- a degree of superstition, and a belief in your internal powers. This frequently accompanies belief in Christian Science, Unity, or cults that deal in mind power. It isn't a very important aspect in itself but it lends color to your bersonality and sharpens your aesthetic and artistic sense. You control perople by charming them. A mildly hypnotic power of which you may not be conscious assists all human relationships. You rely a good deal on hunches, especially about people. If this aspect is accompanied by strong and reasonable mental tendencies you may not even be conscious of its action, but rest assured it is responsible for the quickness of your insight, reasoning powers, and general mental astuteness. It eases the course of emotional matters somewhat; it is a passive rather than an active ally to accomplishment in all fields.

29 November
Sun in Sagitarius
Nervous energy is your strength -- and your weakness. Relaxation is your need. You have a philosophical mind, jumping from the particular to the general as if by second nature, and seeing things, people, problems, in large, rather than specific terms. The devotional motif is strong in your nature, and you tend to ritualistic acceptance of some religion, code, or basic set of beliefs to which you relate the threads of your philosophy and make a working ideology for your life. Your thought, though perhaps revolutionary, will be patterned and constructive, tending toward Utopias rather than to anarchy. The need for classification is strong in you; you put things into pigeonholes and categories and organize your information You are very sensitive and temperamental, capable of extremes of happiness and despair, all in the space of a few seconds. Harshness and unkindness distress and bewilder you, and you can be governed only through your affections and through reason, for despite your sensitive nature, you won't give in to unfairness, unkindness or illogical argument. You are a good deal of a reformer, believing the world should live on your principles, your codes, your moral standards. Thus preachers, lawyers, judges are often found here and being eloquent, logical and persuasive, you are likely to achieve a good deal of influence. You love travel, and much of your nervous energy can be used up in physical motion. It is not at all unlikely that you will live and achieve your greatest success somewhere far removes from your birthplace. You are at home anywhere, settling down gypsy-like where night finds you.

19 September
Sun in Virgo
You are full of vitality, good spirits, and fun. You are likely to waste your energies and your money in having a good time, for this is a happy-go-lucky position and adds a lift and ver even to a pretty sober nature. You have a great deal of pride, but you are still genial and humane, and will gladly help people in distress, for a goodly amount of charity accompanies this aspect. You love food and drink and tend to overindulge. You are lavish with your expenditures not only of money, but of affection, passion and friendship. This is a sort of Falstaffian position. You are markedly covivial the best of companions, but through flaunting the precepts of moderation, you can cause yourself a good deal of unhappiness. You are gracious and no doubt easy to look at. You are probably a social leader. You can make a little go a long way if you have to, but if you don't have to, your patrician taste can prove expensive in matters of dress, house furnishings, and personal adornments. You have had a high temper in your day, and if you've controlled it the credit goes to your good sense. You are rebellious, headstrong, abrupt in speech, quick on the draw -- a sort of hair-trigger person -- full of fire and dash that need the control of a vigorous intellect. You are ardent in your loves, idealistic and impulsive and capable of deep loyalties through which, however, you can see the faults of the beloved -- and say so in no uncertain terms. Tact is something you have to learn, for your uncompromising truthfulness and honest make tact seem wasted time to you. you are sensitive to the feelings of others, and once your high-spiritedness is reined you are the most sympathetic and understanding of friends.

Trousdale Music Pub., Inc. BMI 2:56
MY GIRL (S. Robinson/R. White)
Jobete Music BMI 3:35
CREEQUE ALLEY (J. Phillips/M. Gilliam)
Trousdale Music Pub., Inc. BMI 3:45
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TWIST AND SHOUT (B. Russell/P. Medley)
Robert Mellin, Inc/Progressive Music, Inc. BMI 2:45
FREE ADVICE (J. Phillips/M. Gilliam)
Trousdale Music Pub., Inc. BMI 3:15

Trousdale Music Pub., Inc. BMI 3:05
Trousdale Music Pub., Inc. BMI 3:15
STRING MAN (J. Phillips/M. Gilliam)
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Trousdale Music Pub., Inc. BMI 2:53
*JOHN'S MUSIC BOX (J. Phillips)
Trousdale Music Pub., Inc.
*Adaptation by John Phillips

MUSICIANS INCLUDE: Hal Blaine, Drums & Percussion; Larry Knecktel, Keyboard instruments; Jim Horn, Flute & Saxophone; Joe Osborn, Bass; "Doctor" Eric Hord, Guitar; P.F. Sloan, Guitar; Gary Coleman, Percussion, Bells & Mirimba; John Phillips, Guitar.

(Horoscope data on the Mamas & Papas is reproduced from the book HEAVEN KNOWS WHAT by Grant Lewi with permission from the publishers, Llewelyn Publications, St. Paul, Minnesota 55101.)

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