Papa Denny Doherty - Denny Doherty

11/29/1941 - ______

"Born in 1940 and hailing from Halifax, Nova Scotia, Doherty began his vocal forays as a boy singing for household deliverymen. At 15, he took a date at a concert in a hockey arena, sang Pat Boone's "Love Letters In The Sand," and brought the house down.
In the early '60s he formed a folk trio, which began as The Colonials, was rechristened The Halifax III, and achieved a modicum of success before falling apart in 1963. The following year, Doherty helped found The Mugwumps, America's first folk-rock group. Then, after singing with John and Michelle Phillips in a progressive folk trio called The New Journeymen, he brought in Cass Elliot and the foursome exploded as The Mamas and The Papas. Following a series of top ten hits and great fame and fortune, The Mamas and The Papas called it quits in 1968. Doherty continued to enjoy the good life in the ensuing years and recorded a country-rock album, Whatcha Gonna Do, in 1971.
Although The Mamas and The Papas had briefly reunited that same year, the days of the fantastic four had long ceased by the early '70s: John Phillips was freefalling into substance abuse and dabbling in the theatre world; Cass had moved on to a successful solo career in music and television; and Michelle was beginning to make a splash in movies.
In 1973, Doherty linked with British producer Jeffrey Kruger and famed songwriter-producer John Madara ("At The Hop") for what would become a most historic set of recordings on Kruger's Ember label. Kruger says he "always admired Denny's voice" and was "absolutely thrilled" for Doherty to be the first North American signed to Ember's new alliance with Paramount Records."*
Currently Denny is performing in his show "Dream a Little Dream", which is the nearly true story of the Mamas and the Papas, and can be seen in New York.

* Above information taken from the album liner of Denny's album "Waiting for a Song".

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