Victim of Romance


Aching Kind

Let The Music Begin

Victim of Romance

Trashy Rumors

There She Goes


Paid The Price

Baby As You Turn Away

Lady of Fantasy

Just One Look

Where's Mine

Produced and Arranged by Jack Nitzsche
Engineered by Kim King

"Let The Music Begin" Arranged by Alan Gordon and Jack Nitzsche
"Where's Mine?" Arranged by Ron Nagle, Scott Free and Jack Nitzsche
"Just One Look" Arranged by Jack Nitzche, Horns Arranged by Jerry Jumonville
"Lady Of Fantasy" Produced and Arranged by John Phillips

Girl Engineer: Sherry Klein
Boy Engineer: Mike Beiriger
Recorded at Larrabee Sound Studios and Record Plant
Remixed and Mastered at A&M Studios, Hollywood
Remix Engineer: Steve Mitchell and Kim King
Mastering Engineer: Bernie Grundman

Cover Design and Art by Linda King
Front Cover Photo by Terry O'Neil
Back and Sleeve Photos by Alomoa

More thanks to Jerry Moss, Warren Barigian, John Moon Martin, Chynna and Rosa

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Jack Nitzche: Piano, Electric Keyboards, Percussion
Scott Free: Drums, Percussion, Guitar, Steel Guitar, Accordion, Piano, Background Vocals
David C. Allen: Guitars
Tim Drummond: Bass
Steve Douglas: Sax Solos, Woodwinds, Percussion
Gregory Lee: Bass on "There She Goes"
Don Randi: Piano on "Trashy Rumors"
Ron Nagle: Percussion
Gene Estes: Percussion
Ben Benay: Guitar, Mandolin
Jerry Donahue: Guitar Solo on "Aching Kind"
Mike Boddicker: Synthesizers
String Section Concert Master: Sid Sharp
Woodwinds: Jerry Jumonville, Jay Migliori, Dennis Dreith, Jack Nimitz
Trumpets: Bob Findley, Bill Peterson, Mark Underwood
Special Thanks to Tricia Johns: Vocalist
Singers: Laura Creamer, Cherie English, Myrna Mathews, Maxine Willard, Kathy Ward
Singers for "Paid The Price": Billy Guy, Grady Chapman, Jerome Evans

Myrna Matthews and Maxine Willard appear courtesy of Warner Bros. Records.

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